How to Choose a Photo

Choose your portrait photo carefully This photo has several problems. The image isn't clear enough to distinguish much detail, and the people are grimacing into the sun.

Basically, the better the photo is the better the portrait will be. If a photo makes the subject look heavier, for example (and so many photos do add weight!) that will be the case in the portrait as well. If the photo is out of focus or unclear, I may not be able to see enough detail.

Sometimes in photos with very dark backgrounds the hair "disappears" into the shadows. Try to avoid this if possible. Also, natural light is usually best. A flash deadens shadows.

With professional photos, usually size isn't very important because I can enlarge the photo and see enough detail. If you are sending a snapshot, please make sure the face is at least two inches high.

Choose your portrait photo carefully In this photo, the son's head fades into the background.

One good clear photo is usually enough, but sometimes not. If you have additional photos that you think will help me to understand the subject's character and expression, by all means send them - just make sure to indicate what you like in each photo, which one is closest in color, and which photo is the preferred model. If black and white photos are sent for a color portrait, note the colors of eyes, hair etc., or send other photos for reference.If there is more than one person, you may send separate photos and I will make a composition to suit. I can also add a background from another photo if you want.

All photos will be returned with the finished artwork, but if you are worried, send a copy instead of the original.